• February 23, 2024
Lubricants for escorts

Lubricants to consider when having High class Nairobi escorts

Why Use Lubricants

You may wonder why people need a lubricant. All people are asking why we need a lubricant. Is it helpful or beneficial for you? Actually, lubricants can help enhance sexual pleasure. Even though you are old or young you may need a lubricant. Older people will really need a lubricant because it is very painful when the penis is inserted into the vagina without a lubricant. Lubricants for young people are not really necessary because young women produce a lubricant to prevent painful intercourse. Now, lubricant can be used by anyone. Not only older people need it but also young people. High-class escorts in Nairobi recommend having a lubricant in order to increase sexual pleasure. When you want anal sex, you may use a lubricant so that it would not be painful. The anus does not produce any lubricant so it would be really painful when you have anal intercourse. So lubricant is really helpful when having sex.

Escorts also use lubricants for sex toys

When you want to use a sex toy, lubricants are also very helpful to increase your sexual pleasure. You can surely feel that the sex toys entering the vagina glides sensually. There is no feeling of pain when you enter the sex toy into the vagina. You can also combine the sex toys and the real penis when entering the vagina. Lubricants can really increase your pleasure because it slides in and out without difficulty. You can surely have intense and interesting sex with your partner when you have lubricants. Sex toys are also very important especially when you have sexual dysfunction in which your penis does not erect. Through this, sex toys can be used by the girl in order to appreciate your desires. High-class Nairobi Escort can really appreciate when you manipulate the sex toys when you insert it with the lubricant. You can hear the girl moan loud that you really wanted. Do not get embarrassed when your penis does not erect because sex toys can be a replacement to make your desires complete. So try to use lubricants to make your sex significant and interesting.

An escort really wants you to use lubricants to increase your sensation. There are many lubricants that you can choose in order for you and your partner to get stimulated and feel the sensation of sex. There are different types of lubricants. The most popular are water-based lubricants. The escort also wants you to use this lubricant because it is safe when you are using a sex toy. One advantage of this water-based lubricant is that it does not weaken latex condoms. One disadvantage of this water-based lubricant is that it is not used when having sex in the bathroom. Since the water removes the lubricant away. Another lubricant is petroleum-based. It destroys latex condoms and sometimes it can cause irritation to the vagina. The advantage of this is that it last longer and is perfect for masturbation. The third type is silicone-based lubricants. It is perfect when having sex in the bathroom and you can use it with a latex condom. It may destroy sex toys that are made of silicone.

So have these lubricants to have an increased sensation when having sex. Choose the best lubricant to use in order to satisfy your needs.


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