• February 23, 2024
Private Escorts in Nairobi, Kenya

Private Escorts in Nairobi, Kenya

Know Sex Well

Are you still a virgin? Do you want to have an experience? Try these Private Nairobi escorts to make your dream come true. They can teach you a lot of things. You may be tired of finding a girl to have sex with but when you find these private escorts you will surely have sex with them immediately. You just need to pay an amount of money but it is affordable. They can teach you the different techniques and positions when having sex so you do not need to worry. You can surely learn many things from them. You may be embarrassed to tell them that you are still a virgin but you should tell them so that they can teach you everything about sex. You do need to worry about being a virgin. It is your chance to shine so do your best when you are with them. You can really learn many things from them. They can teach you the positions that are great for you and they can also give you positions that are not good. It really depends on you two to determine what positions you want. You only need a mutual understanding to get along with each other.

Escorts in Nairobi know many things about sex positions

You may be thinking that a Nairobi private escort does not know about different sex positions. You may want sex to be great. A Private Nairobi escort can teach you anything about sex. You should not force your girl to have a position that is not comfortable for her because your sex would be a disaster. Do not follow the positions that the pornstars are doing. First, make it simple. When the girl is comfortable, you can have better sex and better orgasm. Do not force anything just do it slowly. The girl should be physically and emotionally comfortable when you have sex with her to make her happy. You may also not ejaculate on her body without an agreement with her. Using dirty talk is also not good because it means you are disrespecting her. You may also not slap her butt if she does not like it. Second, being too gentlemanly is not good. Third, do not just lie on the bed while she is having fun especially when she is on top. You can still move to enhance sexual pleasure. Fourth, do not be too aggressive and do not be too selfish to reach orgasm.

Nairobi private escorts are not fond of having the same position

You may be a virgin but you can do something in order to explore new things. A Private Nairobi escort can really help you with it. Do not stick to one sex position when you have sex with them. Try new things in order to learn something. It is so boring when you have the same position until you reach orgasm. You can have sex positions such as the rear, or side to have a different feeling. Different positions can really help you to increase your sexual pleasure and you can also learn new things. When you want more, you can go back to these girls and enjoy having sex with them.

So go to Nairobi when you have time. Try these beautiful and sexy girls in order to meet your demands and desire. Learn from them and be an expert after. Accept things that are virgin but once you try it you will surely be an expert someday.

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